Tools and Approaches

  • Climate Wizard

    The Climate Wizard enables technical and non-technical audiences alike to access leading climate change information and visualize the impacts anywhere on Earth.
  • Evidence for Resilient Agriculture

    ERA facilitates the meta-analysis of empirical evidence published in peer-reviewed literature on the impact of agricultural interventions on productivity, resilience and mitigation.
  • CSA Guide

    CSA Guide is an online guide to climate smart agriculture and a useful tool to set up national mitigation and adaptation initiatives in agriculture.
  • CSA Prioritization Framework

    The prioritization framework uses a four phase approach to guide stakeholders through the process of filtering and prioritizing applicable CSA practices.
  • Risk Explicit Investment

    By using Bayesian Networks, insights can be provided into profitability and risks scenarios (such as weather events and political crises) of CSA investment options.
  • Rural Household Multi-Indicator Survey

    RHoMIS is a rapid, cheap, digital farm household-level survey and analytical engine for characterizing, targeting and monitoring agricultural performance.