Evidence for Resilient Agriculture

We're creating a big data platform for decision-makers, to help identify the impact of agricultural interventions on productivity, resilience and mitigation.

CSA Country Profiles

CSA Country Profiles

We have conducted situational analyses in 34 countries and 31 Kenyan counties, providing science-backed foundation for investments.

The CSA Papers

The CSA Papers

We published an open-source book that explores five dimensions of climate-smart agriculture to help answer decade-old questions.

Farmer carrying crops from the field. Picture from the village of Bouwéré in Mali

Risk Explicit Investment

We're using Bayesian Networks to provide insights into profitability and risks scenarios (such as weather events and political crises) of CSA investment options.

Climate, agriculture and nutrition

We've developed agriculture-nutrition monitoring techniques now in use by the WFP in their nutrition monitoring in the DRC, Niger and Afghanistan.

Our Work


Challenges and opportunities for targeting climate-smart agriculture

Planning robust climate-smart development programs can be done today with existing information. We propose a risk-household-option modeling approach to address household food security under climate change in Africa. Through a case study in Niger, we demonstrate that prioritizing CSA is possible by...

When less is more: Innovations for tracking progress toward global targets

This paper describes new advances in tracking progress toward global targets. It specifically focuses on technologies and techniques that help increase the coherence in what is measured, standardized in how things are measured and decision relevance or why measurements are made. Accountability and...

Where we Work

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Climate Change and Environmental Scientist

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Senior Scientist

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Climate Change Decision Scientist

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Principal scientist

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Nutrition and Food Security Research Scientist